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Making A Difference Everywhere

About Us

M.A.D.E. is here to MAKE a difference so in the Future, we can say "We've MADE a difference!"


MADE was developed as an organization to provide volunteering opportunities to teens over the Bridgewater-Raritan area. With school, extra-curricular activities, and teens in mind, MADE always schedules events that are after school and local. As teens move forward in their academic journey, they will find that community service hours are imperative for college bound students. MADE continues to make it easy for teens to access volunteering opportunities around their area in order to receive their community service hours for schools, scholarships, and religious groups.  By promoting volunteerism to adolescents around, numerous organizations will be benefited by the extra help and in the end, hopefully achieve MADE’s main goal: “Making A Difference Everywhere”. Along with the other helpful services MADE provides, MADE’s website contains members’ up-to-date community service hours within the click of a button. Some of the events that MADE partakes in includes working with the elderly, the homeless, disabled/handicapped children/adults, animals, the earth and other major organizations dedicated to helping others.


MADE is looking for High School kids of in the Bridgewater Raritan Area to be active in their community. We have a list of events on our calendar in which you pick and choose the best one for you! At meetings you can sign up for your assignment and receive a confirmation email in a few short days reminding you of your time and date. When you join, you will receive an ID Number. That number will show up on our website with the number of community service hours you served. Keep checking the Announcement board for more information about your assignment and upcoming events that we will have.