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MADE Aware

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About Becca's Closet

"Little things can make a big difference..."

This was the phrase that served as the driving force behind the beautiful life and caring actions of 16-year-old Rebecca Kirtman. Becca, a cheerleader, honor student, and caring young woman, passed away in a tragic automobile accident on August 20, 2003. Today, her family and friends not only remember Becca for her great love and friendship, but also for her contributions to the community.

In the Spring of her Freshman year at Nova High School, Rebecca launched a dress bank providing dresses and formal accessories to high school girls wanting to attend their prom/homecoming, but who did not have the resources to purchase them. Throughout Becca's life, she always put others ahead of herself, and was one of the few young people in our society who truly cared for those who were less fortunate than she. Last spring, after countless hours of effort and work, Becca managed to single-handedly collect over 250 prom dresses. Due to Rebecca's unique ability to strive above and beyond expectations, many girls across South Florida were able to attend their High School prom in style.

In order to sustain Becca's dream, countless dedicated people in the South Florida community have joined with her family and friends to provide opportunities for those who seek them. All volunteers will be working toward a common goal initiated by Becca.

Although Becca's Closet initially functioned solely in the capacity of collecting and distributing dresses, the project's horizons have expanded to offer additional means for our youth. In the spirit of Becca's visions and aspirations, Becca's Closet will not only continue as a dress bank, but also as a collector/distributor of men's formal wear. Additionally, Becca's Closet has now established a college scholarship fund which will be made possible through donations and fundraisers. All young men and women that need a helping hand deserve to be considered for these opportunities.

Rebecca Kirtman was a wonderful daughter, sister, student, friend, and contributor to society. Although Becca is no longer with us, her dream lives on and Becca's Closet will continue to assist our youth and forever embrace her spirit.