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Making A Difference Everywhere

MADE 411

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Missed an event? Want to see what MADE is all about? Don't worry, our MADE 411 newsletter will provide you with articles on previous events we have attended and enjoyed!

Easter Egg Hunt

By Anila


MADE spent four days stuffing 9,000 eggs with candy and tattoos in preparation for the 16th Annual Flashlight Easter Egg Hunt. Finally, the weekend rolled around where over 40 MADE volunteers positioned themselves behind the Bridgewater Municipal building. In the fields, those 9,000 eggs were scattered all over the place. Slowly, many excited kids, ranging from infants to seven year olds, arrived. They eagerly waited the signal to be made for them to start hunting those eggs. Once the signal was made, the kids fled onto the fields determined to pick up as many eggs as possible. In the next five to ten minutes, the fields were empty, for all the eggs had been collected. Next the kids lined up to take a picture with the Easter bunny and to collect other neat prizes. In the end, Bridgewater experienced a night of excitement and thrill and our MADE members enjoyed helping with the logistics. For all those celebrating Easter this coming Sunday, Happy Easter!


Elijah’s Promise Soup Kitchen

By Kristin

Thirteen MADE volunteers arrived at Elijah’s Promise Soup Kitchen in New Brunswick, from 9am-12, and worked on preparing food bundles for needy families to take home.  This organization has been helping low-income people in the central New Jersey community. From nutritious meals, to social services and health screening, to culinary arts job training to their own catering business, Elijah's Promise has been moving people from hunger to wholeness. On Saturday, we didn’t actually have to cook or serve food, instead we helped out in bagging food that certain families are able to pick up and enjoy once a month.  Our first task was cleaning up tables and washing the windows.  Then we unloaded a truck full of boxes filled with many food items such as chicken, hamburger meat, vegetables, French fries, lasagna, peanut butter, macaroni and cheese, bean soup, and much more. We had to organize these boxes by frozen foods, non-perishable items, and pie.  All the volunteers filled up a total of about 40-50 bags of each category.  Any extra packages were stored in the freezer, and thanks to the help of MADE, a lot of needy families will be able to take home their nicely organized bundles of food! Great job everybody!  The last thing we did, which was just to help out the Soup Kitchen, was taking a box full of plastic bags and double bagging them.  It took a while, and was a little tedious, but everyone started to make it a race and had a lot of fun!  


Crim Fun Fair

By Debby

On April 21, 2007, Crim Elementary School (Bridgewater, NJ) hosted their annual Crim Fun Fair. MADE sent its members to help run the many booths there, each with its own fun activities such as face-painting, shooting hoops, and fishing with magnets. Members handed out beads to the young children for each activity, which were quickly and eagerly strung on lanyards to keep track of how many activities the kids had done. This was a unique experience that allowed the MADE members to connect with a younger generation, who were thrilled by the many activities available, and reconnect with their own youth. MADE cannot wait to help with this activity again!



SBWA Clean Up


By Serena

MADE members gave up sleeping late on a drowsy Saturday morning to give back to the community. At 10:00 p.m., site 18 of the Raritan River, fifteen MADE members could be seen toiling away at SBWA clean up. Each member was donned in old dirty pants and a bright red MADE t-shirt; some, luckier ones, had hiking boots, while others wore ratty old sneakers, and lost them in the sludge by the River. For this particular event, MADE members were to trudge their way through mud and plant life in search of trash. The Raritan River floods every spring and a surprisingly large amount of trash is left behind on the bank of the river. Pieces of glass, cardboard, and even an abnormally large budlight can were found and thrown into a big trash bag each member carried. They even found a decaying skull of some small animal in the conjunction of two trees. One particularly brave MADE member even ventured into the Raritan River to pick at the bigger trash in the shallower part of the river. The event ended sooner then anticipated, however, the bulging bags of trash showed that the MADE member did not work any less, and the dedication and hard work that MADE puts into helping the community.


MS Walk


By Joseph


According to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, over 400,000 Americans and their families suffer from the devastating conditions of Multiple Sclerosis. Thirteen MADE volunteers gathered at Adamsville Primary School to help make a difference! We were driven approximately 2 miles to the Somerville YMCA, a rest stop provisioned to help those walking the four miles to support those afflicted with Multiple Sclerosis. For over 4 hours, MADE volunteers cheered the walkers on as they journeyed on past the rest station. They also scurried about filling water bottles, arranging snacks and even assisting those with minor injuries. After they finished their duties at the station, the volunteers all headed back to Adamsville for a sumptuous lunch of cold turkey sandwiches and chips. The walk was a success and the MADE volunteers all had fun making a difference in our world.



Habitat For Humanity Carnival

By Monisha

The Habitat for Humanity Fair, held at the Bridgewater-Raritan High School, was a big hit. Although MADE did not actually run the event, there were many members who ran booths for the cause. The event was held for approximately three hours. The booths varied from sand art and nail painting, to mother’s day cards and flower planting. There was a moon bounce that the kids outside could jump on. There was also a piņata event and a game of tug-of-war. With hard work, the fair was a success and many of the booths were a big hit. Once again, MADE was able to make a difference everywhere.



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